Healthy Kids Pack – Boost immunity, Keep your child healthy and happy  with all-natural pre-blended essential oil roll-on for kids plus heat/cool pack, for kids too!

Product Description

Power up your kids with these healthy essential oil roll-ons. A combination of three essential oils roll ons and boo boo heating/ cool pack. This combination has the ability to boost immunity to safeguard kids all year. The blend is measured, premixed and diluted with almond oil so they’re just the right amount for kids (2 years and up) and hassle-free for you.

How can this combination help your children feel better? It relaxes and relieves active kid muscles, growing pains, sprains and more when warm; relieves rough-n-tumble pains, injuries, swelling, scrapes, bruises and more when cool.

Essential oils + hot pack = happy kids! Every kid who tried it loves this combo and asks for their “oil and boo boo” every night! Before going to bed, apply the roll-on (which smells wonderful, too!) then give them their warmed-up “boo boo.” It warms the sheets and is super cozy for a bedtime cuddle and story. Kids relax and fall asleep easily! Sweet dreams for all. (Also great during the day when they (er, you!) need quiet time.)

Enjoy the high quality of these essential oils! All blends are mixed with pure, 100% natural carrier almond oil.

Special offer for set of three kids essential oil blend roll-ons plus complementary kid-friendly hot/cold pack.

Parents and kids alike just love our high-quality, pure, therapeutic-grade, premixed blends of all-natural essential oils, tailored for kids 2 years old and up.

Immune-booster Nature Shield Kids is a formulated combination of rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, clove and cinnamon essential oils diluted with just the right amount of almond carrier oil.

Allergy-fighting, decongestant Easy Breezy Kids helps kids breathe easy so they can thrive and play, even during allergy and cold seasons. It’s a formulated combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, laurel leaf, ravensara and cardamom essential oils diluted with almond carrier oil.

Keep your kids happy with Lavender Kids. Kids tell us it feels great, smells fabulous and works. We even know some kids that ask for their lavender blend every night before bed Calming and help them to get ready for bed time.

By measuring and mixing ahead of time, we make it easy on parents, ensuring efficacy while keeping kids safe. The roll-on bottle also makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. Simply massage into bottoms of feet and the chest at bedtime and before getting dressed for school.

For external use only.

Easy Breezy Kids – Peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, laurel leaf, ravensara, cardamom and almond oil (99% almond oil base)

Nature shield kids – Rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, cinnamon and almond oil (99% almond oil base)

Lavender Kids – Lavender and almond oil 999% almond oil base)

Sensitive skin? If you’d like to be on the extra safe side or your kid has extremely sensitive skin, simply roll a bit on your child’s upper arm and wait 24 hours to be sure there’s no irritation

Hot Pocket “Making Boo Boo’s Better”

Wonderful, 100% all-natural, multipurpose rice-filled hot/cold pack. Heat in the microwave, cool in the freezer. Also use for moist applications.

Warm up the Hot Pocket and let it relieve achy tired muscles from all that active-kid play, let it warm the bed on cold nights, and let it help your kids wind down so they can sleep peacefully. Cool the pack and use it to reduce swelling and pain when your rough-n-tumble kids get those “owies.” Sprained ankles? Bruises? Cuts? We know the drill and our kids love how the “boo boo” pack helps!

Machine washable and reusable.