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Available sizes:
10 ml




Size:10 ml (1/3 oz) Pre-Diluted Roll On

The lavender roll-on is a high-quality, pure, therapeutic-grade, premixed blend of all-natural essential oil, tailored for adults. Relaxing and soothing. Lavender Calm is a formulated blend of organic lavender essential oil diluted with just the right amount of almond carrier oil. The blend is designed to accentuate lavender’s quieting, comforting and sleep-inducing qualities so you can enjoy a reposeful time.

Lavender also heals and soothes burns, rashes, and small cuts and acts like a shield during allergy and cold season – perfect for keeping you comfortable when allergens abound.

By measuring and mixing ahead of time, we make it easy on you, ensuring efficacy while keeping you safe from adding too much essential oil. The roll-on bottle makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. Simply massage into bottoms of your feet and your back at bedtime and before starting your day.

For external use only.

Ease into that dreamy calm place you love – relaxed and free of tension, stress and anxiety. Be happy. Lavender Calm is tested and loved by us and our friends who use it! It feels great, smells fabulous with its sweet, refreshing aroma, and it works.

Revel in the high-quality, organic lavender essential oil mixed with just the right amount of almond carrier oil. The blend is tried and tested to get the most of the lavender’s relaxing, soothing and sedative qualities to meet your needs. You will be calm before going to bed, sleep like a baby and have sweet dreams.

ENJOY THE CONVENIENCE of the easy to apply, roll on bottle, perfect when traveling or on the go. Dark bottle protects the oils from oxidizing and becoming ineffective. None of our oils contain preservatives, artificial colors, artificial dyes, parabens or synthetics, and they have not been tested on animals.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE thanks to our quality guarantee and enjoy the high quality of this blend. There are other essential oils roll – ons available in our store.