15mL lbl- lemon oil
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Let the 100% pure lemon essential oil lift your mood, detoxify your body and cleanse your space. Revitalize mind, body, spirit and home as you bask in the citrus freshness!

In ancient times, lemon oil was used for its therapeutic benefits to treat disease and for cosmetics. Today, essential lemon oil is still an herbal remedy — both for prevention and treatment of many symptoms — to help heal the body as well as to lift the spirit, improve mood and stabilize emotions. Essential lemon oil is also used for a wide range of body, bath, skincare and beauty needs — in shampoo, conditioner, body cream, lotion, massage oil and more — and as a cleanser for household surfaces, like your bathtub.  The uplifting aroma of lemon oil is ideal for freshening up your space and getting rid of odors. Hailing from fresh, Italian citrus lemon trees, grown in ideal Mediterranean soil, the essential lemon oil is extracted using the cold press technique directly from the fruit itself. It is all natural and 100% pure, so the complex compounds remain in a concentrated form. This is important as only pure essential oils have therapeutic benefits. Once extracted, lemon oil is put in amber-colored bottles. The dark glass protects the essential oil from light as all oils are light sensitive. The bottle is also nice and small so you can take it with you wherever you go.

You can get the benefits of lemon essential oil by using it in two ways — by inhaling it, like with a diffuser for aromatherapy, or using it topically by massaging it directly into your skin. In both cases, the lemon oil is absorbed by the body and enters into the bloodstream and cells. It takes about 20 to 70 minutes for the lemon oil to do this, both with massage and aromatherapy. Once absorbed, lemon oil sets out to help the body as a whole by strengthening the immune system, increasing circulation, stimulating lymph glands and also creating balance, instilling a sense of inner harmony and a calm mood. Studies show that pure, all-natural lemon essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal effects and that lemon oil attacks microorganisms without damaging other cells.

Take advantage of lemon oil’s antifungal, antibacterial and astringent qualities to treat acne and other skin blemishes, cleanse oily skin and hair and relieve other topical skin ailments and irritations, like bug bites and scrapes. Also use your lemon oil topically as an anti-inflammatory; to relieve headaches, migraines, and muscle soreness; and to improve blood pressure. Not only does lemon oil smell fresh and citrusy, but it also feels fresh and tingly, too! Try lemon oil aromatherapy to lift your mood, balance your emotions, stimulate your mental acuity and increase alertness. Lemon essential oil can offer relief from anxiety, depression, emotional instability, fatigue, insomnia, and loss of concentration. Freshen and clean your home with lemon oil. Again, thanks to the antibacterial properties of lemon oil, this essential oil can be added to water or vinegar to clean and disinfect surfaces, leaving a wonderful fresh scent. Or add lemon oil to a diffuser and give your whole home that purified, uplifting ambiance.