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Let our 100%-pure, undiluted, therapeutic-grade, organic orange oil warm you, lift your mood and envelop you in blissed-out calm and peace of mind. The sweet orange smells so wonderful and has so many antioxidant benefits!

The organic orange essential oil has such a variety of uses and benefits thanks to its healing and calming properties. It has plenty of antioxidants that help cells regenerate and stay healthy and in balance, and it boosts immunity and relaxes your body, while invigorating your spirit and mind and smelling quite nice, too!

The orange oil is cold pressed from the organic sweet orange peel of oranges harvested from healthy, robust sweet organic orange trees to ensure you are getting only the highest-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oil. This 100%-pure orange essential oil is all natural and undiluted, making it ideal for aromatherapy. It can also be used safely when applied directly on your skin (even though it is so concentrated!), and it can be inhaled straight from the bottle, making it easy to use on the go!

The organic orange essential oil works wonders on calming and soothing your body, mind, and spirit (with both aromatherapy or when used topically) and can help you release stress completely. It clears the mind and spirit to boost your mood and open your thoughts, bringing in a newly inspired, positive and creative outlook on life. At the same time, it energizes the body so you feel invigorated and ready to go. The physical healing properties of orange oil also help boost immunity, working wonders during cold and flu season. Essential sweet orange oil is ideal for general pain relief, reducing muscle soreness and tension, improving circulation, alleviating fatigue and reducing insomnia.

Pure sweet orange oil has a wonderful effect on skin and can be used as a facial treatment. If you have normal or dry skin, simply add a few drops to your daily skin cream or lotion. If you have oily skin, you can use it directly on your skin. Just massage a few drops directly into your face or another area for a few minutes.

Organic orange oil comes in an amber-colored bottle. The dark glass protects the essential oil from light as all oils are light sensitive. The bottle is also nice and small so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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