Pair of Pure Essential Oils




A pair of pure essential oils – peppermint & tea tree.

The pair of pure essential oils has a therapeutic grade which can help you treat various types of conditions.

Often called “the world’s oldest medicine,” peppermint has a very long history of offering a wide array of therapeutic benefits. Uniquely, it’s an essential oil that’s been the subject of many research studies, offering proven results for its numerous healing qualities and making it widely prescribed by doctors of both alternative and western medicine.Peppermint boasts cooling, calming, immune-boosting, stress-relieving, pain-relieving, nourishing, healing and brain-boosting qualities — among others! — making this extremely versatile essential oil, with its scientifically proven results, a wonder to have at home.

The tea tree oil comes in an amber-colored bottle. Oils are light sensitive, and the dark bottle protects the tea tree oil from oxidizing and becoming less effective. The 1/2oz (15ml) bottle comes with an easy-to-use dropper and is convenient to carry. It can help fire up and enhance your body’s immune system. Regularly massage tea tree oil into the bottom of your feet or diffuse the oil in the air for best results. Tea tree oil can also help treat colds, coughs, and bronchitis. Massage the oil into your chest or the bottoms of your feet or infuse a couple drops into hot water and breathe in the steam. It can be used as a skin cleanser. Use just a drop with your regular cleanser or apply lightly on blemishes and acne breakouts.

Here, we are committed to bringing you top-quality carrier oils. All oils are purchased directly from producers and other prime sources around the globe and made in the USA for your highest satisfaction.