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Let our 100% pure peppermint oil cool, soothe, lift your mood and keep you in tip-top mental shape. It has such a nice menthol-fresh scent and so many therapeutic benefits!

Almost everyone on the planet has enjoyed the pleasant aroma of peppermint, and with its refreshing and uplifting effects and healing qualities, peppermint gives us one of the most popular essential oils in the world. The therapeutic benefits of peppermint have been known since ancient times, and this “old herb” is often called the world’s oldest medicine. Today, peppermint oil comes with scientifically proven results as it’s been the subject of numerous studies, making it oft used in both alternative and conventional therapies.

The peppermint essential oil comes from high-quality, robust Mentha Arvensis peppermint, ensuring premium-quality, therapeutic-grade oil. Our peppermint oil is 100% pure, undiluted and all natural (without additives and with nothing taken out), making it like all essential oils highly concentrated. Yes, our peppermint is one intense, therapeutic, soothing essential oil!

The therapeutic benefits of peppermint oil are numerous, and the oil itself is easy to use — massage it directly into your skin with a carrier oil (like almond or jojoba), add it to a spray bottle with water, dab a few drops directly onto your skin or inhale the steam with aromatherapy.

Peppermint essential oil boasts refreshing, naturally cooling menthol properties that can bring down fever and ease hot flashes; release stress; relieve depression, fatigue, restlessness and anxiety; soothe irritated skin; nurture and soften skin of various types (oily or flat, for example); and even help with weight loss, all while invigorating the senses and stimulating brain power, focus, memory retention and mental alertness. The brain boost is thanks to peppermint’s ability to increase blood flow to the brain. This increase in blood flow also happens throughout the body, giving essential peppermint oil the ability to strengthen the immune system and relieve pain, muscle tension, headaches and cramps.

Breathe in that wonderful peppermint oil aroma or dab it on your skin to ease respiratory issues, motion sickness, and even stomach pain. Enjoy the antibacterial benefits of peppermint oil by adding a few drops to your shampoo, toothpaste or food (like a smoothie); peppermint’s antibacterial qualities can destroy harmful bacteria in your mouth and stomach and have a positive impact on your overall health. Plus, with the added refreshing menthol aroma, it can help get rid of bad breath! Thanks to this splendid aroma and unique taste, peppermint oil is a big favorite of our customers, who say it’s something they could use forever.

To top it all off, the peppermint oil is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, minerals, and omega–3 fatty acids and it’s even good for your bones! So why do we love peppermint oil so much? Because it really helps you stay healthy!

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