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  • We love Cape lavender! It’s from the Lavandula Angustifolia plant but is also grown in very rich, biodiverse soil and has a higher camphor content than other lavenders (like French lavender). This increases its many healing benefits and makes the floral aroma more rich and full-bodied
  • Be sure you’re getting the good stuff! This unique Cape lavender oil is all natural and purity tested to ensure that nothing has been added and the product you are using is 100% pure essential oil. Also, the dark, amber-colored bottle protects the lavender essential oil and keeps it from oxidizing so it stays potent and effective
  • Enjoy so many uses and benefits! Lavender is a basic go-to for essential oil lovers so be sure to keep this staple around at home, whether it’s for your first aid kit or for sheer at-home relaxation! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antidepressant, sedative, analgesic properties and more, Cape lavender essential oil eases tension and pain, calms, cleanses, soothes muscles and irritated skin, relieves itching and much more.
  • Breathe in the wonderful Cape lavender scent. More similar to Spanish lavender than French, this fresh, deep floral aroma blends famously with bay, chamomile, patchouli, rosewood, thyme, pine, ylang-ylang, orange, lemon, sage, bergamot, clary, geranium, sage and more.
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