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Cooling, invigorating and healing benefits are yours with AROMATA’s undiluted, 100%-pure, therapeutic-grade organic eucalyptus oil.  Let it soothe your body and stimulate your mind!

 Since ancient times, essential eucalyptus oil has been used for both physical and spiritual healing with incredible results. The refreshing, uplifting aroma and therapeutic qualities of eucalyptus stimulate the senses, boost the mind and have the ability to heal external wounds, respiratory issues, allergies and more. That’s right, eucalyptus has antiviral, decongestant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal qualities and more!

Eucalyptus oil is produced from the organic Radiata Eucalyptus tree grown in South Africa, where the terrain is ideal and the climate perfect for this “healing tree.” We make sure to bring you 100% -pure and all-natural eucalyptus essential oil — with no added ingredients — so you can more easily enjoy all of its qualities.

Ever versatile, eucalyptus oil can be inhaled or used directly on the skin — whether diluted with a carrier oil or as is — to garner all of its benefits. Apply organic eucalyptus oil directly to burns, skin irritations and other topical conditions — such as insect bites or stings, herpes and cold sores — to speed up the healing process and relieve pain. Add a few drops to your bath and feel how the stress melts away. Dilute your eucalyptus oil to take it orally for inflammation and respiratory problems, such as asthma, sinusitis, sore throats, bronchitis, coughs, colds and congestion; or add it to an infuser and inhale for the same effects. Massage directly into your skin or inhale the eucalyptus oil to relax blood vessels and increase circulation to bring more blood to your brain, increasing mental performance. This boost in blood flow is also what helps the healing throughout the body.

Eucalyptus essential oil smells wonderful and can freshen up a room if used in an infuser. And did you know the fresh eucalyptus scent makes for a fabulous perfume? That’s right. Add a few drops to non-scented lotion or dab it on your wrist or behind your ear and you’ll smell and feel fresh all day. When using 100%-pure eucalyptus oil, as with most essential oils, start with just a few drops to see how it works for you and then increase as needed. The organic eucalyptus oil comes in an amber-colored bottle. The dark glass protects the essential oil from light as all oils are light sensitive. The bottle is also nice and small so you can take it with you wherever you go.