Pure Sweet Almond Oil


Our pure sweet almond oil comes from the almonds of the sweet almond tree — or Prunus Dulcis — grown in Mexico. These are the sweet almonds you like to eat! Once picked, our sweet almond oil is extracted by cold pressing the fresh, ripe almonds to ensure the finest, vitamin E-rich carrier oil.
Our almond oil is all natural and purity tested to ensure that nothing has been added and the product you are using is 100%-pure carrier oil.
The almond oil comes in an amber-colored bottle. Oils are light sensitive, and the dark bottle protects the almond oil from oxidizing and becoming less effective.

Replenishing, hydrating and soothing, almond oil is one of the most effective and popular carrier oils. Rich in fatty acids, almond oil spreads and absorbs easily yet is not greasy, promoting clear, soft skin and hair and making it ideal for massage and aromatherapy. Almond oil is truly versatile as it nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes. Use it to soothe and protect dry hands, care for skin conditions and even remove your makeup. So gentle and light, there’s no need to tug or pull when you take off eye makeup. The almond oil is also ideal for treating your hair and scalp, strengthening your nails and even boosting nail growth. Enjoy healthier, more vibrant and supple skin and hair and stronger nails while you dilute your favorite essential oils!

Almond oil is ideal to add to a bath and to use for body massage. You can also use it for DIY products, such as cosmetics and skincare products.