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Roll On Essential Oil Blend, perfect for treating allergies and colds.
Immune booster Nature Shield is a Roll On Essential Oil formulated by a combination of rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, and cinnamon essential oils diluted with just the right amount of almond carrier oil. Nature Shield helps you stay strong and healthy all year, even during cold and flu season.

Allergy-fighting, decongestant Easy Breathe Active helps you breathe easy with its formulated combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, laurel leaf, Ravensara, and cardamon essential oils diluted with just the right amount of almond carrier oil.

Easy Breathe Active helps relieve coughs, congestion, and allergies so you have easy time breathing can thrive and stay active, even during allergy and cold seasons. Simply massage into the bottoms of your feet and chest before starting your day and at bedtime.

Relaxing and soothing, Lavender Calm is a formulated blend of organic lavender essential oil diluted with just the right amount of almond carrier oil. The blend is designed to accentuate lavender’s quieting, comforting and sleep-inducing qualities so you can enjoy a reposeful time. Lavender also heals and soothes burns, rashes, and small cuts and acts like a shield during allergy and cold season – perfect for keeping you comfortable when allergens abound.

By measuring and mixing ahead of time, we make it easy on you, ensuring efficacy while keeping you safe from adding too much essential oil. The roll-on bottle makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. Simply massage into bottoms of your feet and your back at bedtime and before starting your day. For external use only.

Special offer for a set of 3: Nature Shield Adults, Easy Breezy Active & Lavender Calm We just love this high-quality, pure, therapeutic-grade, premixed blend of all-natural essential oils, tailored for adults.

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