Ultimate Treatment Set




Ultimate Treatment Set for Hot and Cold Therapy for the whole body.
Nature Creations Ultimate Treatment Set Includes:

1) Upper Body Wrap

2) Spine & Back Pack

3) Lavender Eye Mask

4) Sinus Relief Mint Pack.

These are four Top of the Line Hot/Cold Packs that form The Ultimate Aromatherapy Heating Pad Set! The Upper Body Wrap targets relieving of muscle and joint tension, soreness, and pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back and chest areas. It has a velcro patch in the front so that it stays in place. The Spine & Back Pack is designed to strap on to the spine and back with two elastic Velcro straps, so that your hands are free and you can apply it very conveniently. It targets sore and tense back, disk pain, muscle relaxation, injuries, arthritis, and more.

The Lavender Eye Mask targets minor Headaches and Migraines, Insomnia relief, reduces and relieves puffy eyes and dark circles underneath the eyes. The Lavender aroma is known to have a calming effect and promote overall relaxation and deep sleep. Lastly, the Sinus Relief Mint Pack is a great natural way to deal with sinus problems, allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, cold symptoms, simply to refresh yourself, and more. Heat In the microwave for Heat Therapy or chill in the freezer for Cold Therapy. Heat Therapy can be applied to chronic injuries and aches as it increases blood circulation, accelerates the relief of sore and tense muscles, and has the ability to penetrate deeply to the painful and irritated muscle. Cold Therapy provides a chilling refreshment for the body and skin to relieve inflammation of joints or bruised areas, relieve discomfort as a result of burns or irritations, and reduce fever and body heat. Other great features about this product are that it’s Reusable, Natural, High Quality, and can be used on a daily basis.

Lastly, the product will come neatly packed with instruction how to use and store it correctly.

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